How To Install a Second Car Audio Battery In Your Vehicle!

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This Video provides an explanation on how to install a Car Audio Battery, or a secondary battery in an vehicle. The purpose of this battery is to help reduce the tendency of dimming lights and electrical draws as some amplifiers require large amounts of amperage. This upgrade may be effective in helping with the possible issues.

Click here to see an install of a Car Audio Capacitor:

Click here to see an unboxing of this battery:

The upgrade tutorial was performed on a 2010 Nissan Versa. The wire, terminals, fuses and fuse holders used can be purchased at any local car audio shop or any online retailer. We used 4 gauge wiring within this installation.

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Parts Used:
*Kinetik Car Audio Battery HC800-BLU
*10ft 4 Gauge Wiring, blue and black
*4 Gauge Ring Terminals
*Two ANL Fuse Holders
*Two 100a ANL Fuses

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